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Stainless Steel Trolleys
per month

Stainless Steel Trolleys

Stainless Steel Trolleys
Craven® Tray Dispense Trolleys
per month

Craven TDT100 Tray Dispense Trolleys

Craven® Tray Dispense TrolleysDesigned for 475 x 370mm TraysHigh Strength Tubular...
Craven® Cutlery & Tray Dispense Trolley
per month

Craven TCDT2100 Cutlery & Tray Dispense Trolley

Craven® Cutlery & Tray Dispense TrolleyDesigned to hold 2 x Standard Cutlery Bins...
Craven® Tray & Cutlery Dispense Trolley
per month

Craven TCDT100 Tray & Cutlery Dispense Trolley

Craven® Tray & Cutlery Dispense TrolleyDesigned to take 475 x 370mm TraysHigh Strength Tubular...
Craven® Cutlery Dispense Trolley
per month

Craven CDT2 Cutlery Dispense Trolley

Craven® Cutlery Dispense TrolleyRemovable Aluminium ShelfFully Welded Box Tube Construction100mm...
Craven® Tray Clearing Trolleys
per month

Craven TCT1 and TCT2 Tray Clearing Trolleys

Craven® Tray Clearing TrolleysDeisgned to take 460 x 360mmHigh Strength Tubukar FramesNon...
Craven® Dishwasher Basket Trolley
per month

Craven DI1Z Dishwasher Basket Trolley

Craven® Dishwasher Basket TrolleyStainless Steel ConstructionStorage for 500 x 500mm...

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