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Gusto Wine Glass
per month

Gusto Wine Glass - Various Sizes

25cl, 35cl or 45cl - Boxes of 6
Gusto Stemmed Beer Glasses
per month

Gusto Stemmed Beer Glasses

Available in 2 Different Sizes
38cl / 13.25oz or 55cl / 19.25oz - boxes of 6
MaidAid C351 Glasswasher
per month

MaidAid C351 Glasswashers

ENTRY LEVEL 350mmsq basket (approx. 12 pint glass) glass washers with options for gravity or...
MaidAid C401 Glasswasher
per month

MaidAid C401 Glasswashers

ENTRY LEVEL 400mmsq basket (approx. 16 pint glasses) glass washers with options for gravity or...
Maidaid C501 Glasswasher
per month

Maidaid C501 Glasswasher

ENTRY LEVEL 500mmsq basket (approx. 24 pint glasses) glass washer with options for gravity or...
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