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High Speed Convection Ovens


CiBO+ by Lincat Logo. Ciboplus/b, Ciboplus/g, ciboplus/p & ciboplus/r


Wards have been selected by Lincat as one of their CiBO Champions. Buying from us ensures quality service and product support.


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With CiBO+ achieve the same high-quality result every time

Simply press any one of the 40 menu items on the QPad touch screen and the oven will do the rest. Removing language barriers, minimising training time, operating errors and food waste. It is easy to customise the position of menu items on the screen and optimise recipe settings to suit the needs of the business with the Touch & Change concept technology. Simply touch what needs to be changed, and change it. The PIN lock can be utilised to protect recipe settings, for the same great results every time regardless of the operator. For chains and multi-site operations, menus can be cloned and shared between sites via USB.

Better for the plannet, energy saving!

CiBO+ has been designed to be kinder to the planet and bottom line. 25% faster heat up, rapid Cooldown+, plus cooking 12x faster than conventional cooking methods, saves energy and time, as well as increases staff productivity. And the savings don’t stop there!
Designed to be efficient in the use of the energy during the cooking process CiBO+ will deliver 3 x 12” pizzas and 6 toasties using just 1.44kW of energy! The ventless technology also deliver energy savings re-circulating the hot cooking air through a heater and catalytic converter before its blown back into the cooking chamber. And when the oven isn’t in use, in eco model it uses less than 1kW per hour!

Tri-Heat Technology

The unique Tri-Heat technology is game changing in terms of the quality of cook it delivers. A rear launched microwave with stirrer brings speed to the cooking process. TurboAir distributes high speed airflow in a cylindrical pattern over the food for fast even colouration. Adjustable temperature control, rapid heat up and direct cooking on the toughened neo ceram ContactBase delivers perfect base colouration and crispiness - there is no soggy bottoms with CiBO+!


CiBO+ by Lincat Logo. Ciboplus/b, Ciboplus/g, ciboplus/p & ciboplus/r

Four different colour options available:

Black (CIBOPLUS/B) - Green (CIBOPLUS/G) - Purple (CIBOPLUS/P) - Red (CIBOPLUS/R)