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Rational Vario

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The multifunctional appliance for your kitchen.


If you have any questions regarding the VarioCookingCenters or want a quote for a price then please contact us and will endevour to help you in any way that we can.



Whether for an à la carte restaurant or industry catering, prepare 30 individual portions or thousands of meals, cook overnight, under pressure or à la minute, the VarioCookingCenter® always offers the right solution for the individual requirements in your kitchen.

Because conventional cooking appliances such as tilting pans, boilers, ranges and deep-fat fryers are combined in just one multifunctional unit. This therefore reduces the space requirement in your kitchen by up to 30%,

Benefits to you at a glance:

  • Perfect cooking results in record time
  • Maximum flexibility on minimal space
  • Minimal monitoring or checking required
  • Cooking intelligence that does it all for you
  • Maximum energy efficiency


Boiling. Frying. Deep-frying. 
All in one unit, up to 4 times as fast and up to 40 % less power consumption.

Thanks to the flexibility of the VarioCookingCenter®, you can use it for diverse cooking methods and remain independent. It gives you up to 2 extra hours of valuable working time per day and enables you to cook for your customers at the highest level, without any supervision. The in-built cooking intelligence, heating up to 200 °C in record time and 40% more searing power make this possible. Cleaning time is also minimal as nothing sticks or overcooks. It works day and night for you and unproductive times are reduced to a minimum.

The VarioCookingCenter® 
The cooking system that works unsupervised.

Whether you are cooking vegetables, pasta, risotto, milk or béchamel sauce, you can cook your desired dishes with the VarioCookingCenter® much more quickly than with conventional boiling pans or pots and without any monitoring. Thanks to the built-in cooking intelligence, the heat energy is sensitively transferred to the product and the cooking process permanently monitored.

The results guarantee: Your milk will not boil over and the risotto will not stick.

The VarioCookingCenter® 
Gentle cooking with the sous-vide function.

Sous-vide, thanks to the gentle and healthy cooking, is an excellent cooking method for special diets and light cuisine.

Preserves the natural flavours. 
For outstanding food quality.

Whether it is fillets, leg of lamb, roast beef or spinach, you can cook delicate foods gently in vacuum bags using the VarioCookingCenter®.

Simply place the core temperature probe in the pan filled with water, and specify the size of the product and the desired temperature. The VarioCookingCenter® will automatically suggest the minimum cooking time and then monitor the cooking process for you.