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Bank! (Holiday)

The title of this piece references The Weakest Link... remember that? Crazy. Let's reminisce folks. Let's spend a bank holiday weekend remembering what life used to be like in "The Good Old Days". First off when exactly were the good old days? If you're Mr G the good old days are also referred to as The Days of Yore or Ye Olden Tymes and they feature such memories as horse manure, trebuchets, crossbows, knights and wenches. If your Mr R The Good Old Days don't exist because he's a robot and dead inside and doesn't understand the concept of fond memories. If you're me "The Good Old Days" can refer to many different timescales. Let's go through them from the earliest to the latest shall we? "Hang on!" you shout, "Wait a cotton-picking ruddy minte!", you yell. "What the fuggering buck has that got to do with catering equipment, commerical refrigeration, catering sundries, medical refrigeration or the servicing, supply or spare parts or repair of any of the aforementioned items?" Who knows? Maybe all my fond memories of the olden days refer to that stuff... maybe not. You'll have to tune in tomorrow to find the hell out!