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BT... B Glee more like!

Sup, Life at Ward's innit. BT are rubbish... absolute rubbish. All large companies are now rubbish when it comes to customer care, FACT. However there's a little lady called Claire Turner who works for BT Total Broadband or something and she's now my favourite person of the week.

Of all the dozens of people I have spoken to regarding this fault on my BT line she is the only person who hazarded the opinion that even though the phone number didn't work properly the broadband might be okay. Then she apologised profusely for the fact that BT in their all knowing wisdom cancelled delivery of my hardware.

So I bet her money that if she rang me back this morning my broadband would not be working. Well I had to eat my bruddy words. Sure enough my broadband went live last night and I enjoyed a lovely connection. Then I installed my GFX card (which was a bit of a nightmare but I finally figured out). It was a good night. A good night. Finally.

So I fully intend to spend a decent portion of this BHW online. Not selling catering equipment, nor refrigeration, nor catering sundries, nor sorting out service calls or spares or repair. God bless Claire Turner: an oasis of competence in a desert of idiocy.