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Doctor Foster went to Ward's!

Why this particular title? I couldn't think of anything else to do with the word "Foster"... Sorry.

"Foster"... "Foster", "Foster", "Foster"! That's all I've heard in the office recently. "Have you updated the Foster Refrigeration?" "Have you done Foster?" "Why hasn't Foster been done?" Etc.

WELL IT'S DONE NOW! The reason it's taken a while is because I have had some time off and I've been catching up. There is more information that I would like to be able to explain to customers regarding Foster Refrigeration, especially in reference to the environmental and economical considerations, something that Foster themselves are very proud of (and rightly so). However, finding information that's easy to publish in a user-friendly way is difficult. Suffice to say that Foster consider themselves market-leaders in environmentally-friendly commercial refrigeration. Whether they are better than some of their competitors in this regard (Gram for example) is a matter hotly debated in this office. I shall find out more and we'll work out who is better and why. In the meantime, if you have a look on our website at the NEW EcoPro G2 range of refrigerated equipment I think you'll agree that they are some of the prettiest cabinets available.