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Easy... easy.

Selling, it's a minefield. I never wanted to be a salesman, and I'm not a very good one. However I can take care of some easy ones. Today for example a man rang up from a golf club wanting an upright freezer for his kitchen.

I said something like "If you want a really good freezer you want a True T19FZ because they come with a 3 year parts and labour warranty and a 5 year compressor warranty". That was all I had to do. Sale [sound of cash register]. Most sales however are much more difficult, the golf club in question knows us very well and trust us to supply them with the best. People who find us online are far less trusting (or far more discerning).

They want to know about price, size, internal dimensions, gas hoses, comparisons with other manufacturers. All this information is available but sometimes it involves a lot more work on our part. For example, which is better Parry or Lincat? Personal preference can come into effect here, I would personally recommend Lincat unless it's a fryer. Gram or Foster? Very difficult. Foster or Williams? Foster. It's a minefield.