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Happy Birthday Mr Nnnnnnnn...

Then my missus decided that we didn't have enough money to buy anything, so after a quick trip into the Disney Store so the eldest could spend some pocket money we went to the Metro Retail Outlet to look at sofas.

Amazingly my missus found a sofa which I also like a lot. We went to look and both decided it was excellent (if a little very much money). I said we should check out all the furniture shops, partly because they are now giving away free coffee and cookies, and partly because the grass is sometimes greener. Then we found another sofa, which was 3-times as much, and which we also both liked.

Damn! So now it's a cool-down period while we take stock. We returned north and had a roast beef dinner :-) and then a game of scrabble which I lost by quite a margin (although I did have the following letters at one point N*I*E*E*E*O*O*. Difficult.The next morning I got up and abluted and we all sat around the kitchen table whilst I opened some pressies that my missus had brought up with her. Mike Leigh Box set on DVD, The Office (US Version) Seasons 1, 2 & 3 box set on DVD, The Red Riding Trilogy on DVD, In Bruge on DVD, a QI book and a mad Science book, a new watch, money etc.

Really good haul this year. Well happy. We set off back and stopped at Gateshead again to pick up a samsung 24inch TV for my missus' Grandad ( £239.00 from Asda). Then we drove back to Malton, collected my van and drove back to Scarborough. Collected dog, installed TV, went to see missus' Dad. Went to Gianni's with ex-lodger and son and daughter and partners, ate meatball pizza, came home, went bed, sleep. Got up. Here. Snore. If my boss were a Nazi Officer from a film and he read this, he would probably say something like: "Ah Mr N, you and I are not so much different I zink. Perhaps you would like to tell me vhere ze catering equipment references are in zis little story of yours. Wot about ze refrigeration? Vhere are ze bottle coolers and ze crockery? Vhy vould I believe zat you are a simple catering equipment website person and not in fact a BRITISH SPY?