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Let's get BAKED!

Wait a minute! There's more (about King Edward commercial potato ovens)...

Okay, regular readers of these posts will have noticed that the subject of jacket potatoes has been HOT recently (somebody stop me). However, I have noticed that I have neglected a certain area. I was at a bonfire party last night and there was a marquee with a few different outside catering specialists supplying hot dogs, chilli and, of course, scrummy hot baked potatoes. They were NOT using a King Edward potato oven, there was, in fact, no potato oven on display so I dread to think how their jackets were baked (probably wrapped in tinfoil on the actual bonfire or, worse, microwaved). The perfect unit for them would have been a lovely traditionally styled potato baker from King Edward, we know that - that's a fact - we don't really need to think any more about that, (I will though). The glow of the fire would have set the lovely powder coated finish off beautifully and the illuminated heated holding area would have displayed the waiting tubers very nicely. The first bite is with the eye and with a King Edward potato oven, that bite is a big tasty one.

HOWEVER, all this has been covered previously. No, I am not here to talk about the traditionally styled range of spud bakers. I am here to talk about their contemporary range. You see, in my romantic musings I have concentrated on the Victorian image of a chilly night-time street with a lone potato seller, ruddy cheeks, etc. That is not, and this may surprise you, the only type of situation in which people buy and sell baked jacket potatoes! What about a university refectory? What about a hospital canteen? What about a service station servery? A pub, a restaurant, a cafe? These are all places in which the delicious healthy alternative of a baked potato could be (some might even say SHOULD BE) provided. In these environments you could use one of the King Edward traditionally styled potato ovens, sure. It'd look just as lovely. But it may not be the aesthetic that you require. You may have a nice, bright, modern, stylish premises in which a large piece of Victoriana would look out of place. DON'T PANIC. King Edward's contemporary range of equipment will fit perfectly. They have ovens of all shapes, sizes and capacities as well as bains marie, cold servers and heated merchandisers, in fact, everything you will need too bake, fill and serve potatoes.

"Wait a minute!" You say. "Hold on there!" You reiterate (don't worry, I've stopped, I'm listening, what's your question?). "These perfect pieces of gleaming stainless steel and glass equipment may look amazing, but do they bake potatoes as well as the traditonally styled ones?" Yes, yes they do. Alright? You can find them all here.