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Never go back

Hello all and welcome to a red letter day here at Ward's Catering. Our humble little website has made it back onto the first page of google in the natural listings for a certain search term. (If I were to say that it started with C.E. and ryhmed with hatering shmiquipment I don't think I'd be giving too much away. Pssst it's catering equipment). So what did I get up to at the weekend? Well, on Friday night I went swimming and tagged another 5 lengths onto my daily total taking me to 50 (1250m). However I am now no longer allowed to swim 3 times a week, so my original target of 3 X 64 lengths sessions (3 x 1 mile) has had to change. I shall now attempt 2 x 96 lengths (1.5 miles) sessions to keep my weekly total up. FASCINATING! Then on Saturday we went to see the other half's parents, and we also did some last minute Mother's Day shopping. On Sunday morning I was awoken by the urchin (apparently) and then, rather than leaping out of bed and cooking breakfast for my better half before presenting her with cards and flowers and the like, I rolled over and went to sleep. This was not a successful course of action and I defend it with the statement "I don't remember waking up" which is not only true but also I think exonerates me of a decent portion of blame. Anyway, I finally arose at 8:00 (not THAT late) and cooked breakfast which wasn't eaten. Then gave presents, which weren't opened. We then drove to Leeds and spent a [insert adjective here] afternoon with some of my relatives. One of whom is 96 and who had absolutely no idea who I was. We then returned via another relative who knows exactly who I am, got a curry, opened presents and cards and all was right with the world again. Now Mr N, you may say, Mr N, what in the name of all that the Lord gave us does any of this have to do with [INSERT NAUGHTY WORD HERE] CATERING EQUIPMENT? The answer would be; not a lot. However, in order to cook breakfast I did use a gas oven range, a microwave, a grill, a fork. Along with cutlery. I think you'll find that that's ALL catering equipment!