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One of those days

Welcome back to Life at Ward's. Thanks for reading. The boss has been tied up all morning with personal matters (and also has hijacked the delivery drivers). So it's been a bit lonely here this morning.

The phones have picked up dramatially since yesterday, however 10% of the calls are cold sales calls (usually from search engine optimisation companies). 50% have been warranty and repair issues and 30% have been people asking about catering equipment but not actually buying any. That leaves 10% of calls resulting in sales.

If we took 20 calls an hour for 8 hours then we would complete 16 tickets per day going by these figures. Annoying. Yet every sale is a possible warranty call and therefore will the percentage of warranty / repair calls increase over time until the percentage of calls resulting in a sale dwindles even further. Most warranties are only valid for a maximum of 3 years so probably not.

It's all a mystery to me is business. Factoring in tax and credit card bills and all that malarkey. I'm not so good at that. I can however sell pizza ovens and I should hopefully one of that 30% into a Pizza Oven sale later on.