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Saturday Night not-so-LIVE!

I am posting from beyond the office again! 'Ohhhh', you may think, 'ohhhh he's at his Dad's house in Chippenham and he's writing the blog from there!' WRONG! I have scheduled this blog to appear on Saturday at 08:30am or thereabouts. Imagine that scene in Superman III when Richard Prior's comupter wizardy starts machines all over the USA whirring away and cash machines (ATM's for our American Cousins) start spitting $50 bills all over the shop. Then he gets found out of course, by that guy who used to be in The Man From U.N.C.L.E., and recruited to make a computer that can kill the eponymous Superman. Wasn't there a blonde Dolly Parton sort of woman? And they finally got rid of the horse-faced Lois Lane and replaced her with the somewhat more attractive redhead who I can't remember much about other than that she had some snot-nosed kid... off topic? Huh? Oh... okay... catering equipment. Well I am not in the office today so I do not have a lot of catering equipment, commercial refrigeration or catering sundries related stuff to talk about... erm... surely we can come up with something... erm... oh... I like griddles. I just went to blow my nose... ON THURSDAY! You only found about it today though. Like in Superman 2 when...