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"The price is wrong!"

Is something that is often shouted at me across the office here at Ward's Catering. Part of my job is to change the prices of refrigeration and catering equipment and sundries on the Ward's Catering website. This is a full time, Forth Bridge, neverending story of spreadsheets, catalogues and the website control panel. It is not, if I am being honest, the most enjoyable job ever. It used to be ok, because in my own office, before I had a phone or was supposed to do other things, I could listen to music, audio books or podcasts, enter the zone, and just plod on. Now I have to listen to Mr C and Mr R blather on incessantly about catering equipment and refrigeration as well as answering the phone ever few minutes, all of which is hardly an aid to concentration. However there are benefits, for example it is much easier to upset Mr G when he is just next door than it was when he was the width of a building away. It's also closer to the kitchenette area. I still occasionally slip the old headphones on and tune out for half an hour, just like the old days. So... what price changes have I been price changing? Actually none have changed as yet, but expect Parry, Lincat and Robot Coupe any time soon.