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Hello all and Happy Wednesday! Soon be Christmas don't you know. If you run a catering establishment and think your six burner oven range may not last through the festive season and you may have trouble roasting your turkeys, potatos and parsnips, please remember that we're offering the Parry P6BO with a FREE GAS HOSE! That should see you through a few more festive seasons.

Alternatively, if you're in the local area, you could call us and arrange for one of our expert engineers to attend to your equipment. Of course if you get Mr P, our electrical engineer, please don't let him borrow your keys. On Monday of this very week Mr P managed to lock himself inside a medievil church in the centre of York.

We received a call from him on his mobile informing us of this fact. He had gone in to repair a boiler, been given the keys by the caretaker, locked himself in (not a particulary savoury area) and got to work. Job done he had attempted to unlock the door and found that the key would not turn in the lock. There were no windows he could escape through, no back door he could use, no Die Hard style air vents or videogame style sewers.

We had to call a customer of ours in York who sent a member of bar staff from a local bar down to accept the key from Mr P under the door and open the lock from the outside. A jolly good wheeze. Still, the autofill water boiler was repaired and that's all that we here at Ward's Catering care about.