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Ward's Catering 2: The Boys are Back in Town

Hi, it's been a while. Long time no write. Sorry about that. Abject apologies. It's been a hectic time. First Mr H went to Italy, then Mr S went to Holland and now, finally, we're back to a full compliment. Business here are Ward's Catering has been up and down.

Like a yo yo. One day we'll be racing around like dervishes getting shipments out on overnights, taking orders left right and centre and quoting for metric tons of catering equipment all over the country (and the continent).

The next day we could sit here for 10 minutes staring at our screens, tidying up, chatting amiably and waiting for the phone to ring. We all pounce on it, then listen to the lucky winner who is forced to announce that we are unable to supply the equipment to kit out an entirely new kebab shop that evening and would sometime that week be sufficient? Then we play the waiting game again.

There is always plenty to occupy us in the down time. Quotes, updating the website, packing and despatching orders, tidying the warehouse and showroom. But, we are Ward's, we live to SELL!