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Ward's Catering 4: The Return

Well another bank holiday weekend has passed in a blur of long car journeys, board games, sunday lunches and booze. I visited a very posh pub in Sussex and, as is usual with Ward's Catering employees, checked the cutlery and crockery for manufacturer's marks and had a quick look at the bottle coolers.

There was little of interest and the cottage pie my other half ate was very pedestrian. Certainly NOT worth £ 10.95. Also the clientele were rude and posh and should all try doing a hard days work selling cookers, fridges and sundries before passing comment on the common folk at the bar table. We then went to a much more downmarket and friendly boozer and had a nice drink.

Did I miss the catering equipment business while I was galavanting around the country? No, not really. However my return to work yesterday was heralded by a quote returning to roost. I shall tell you more about THAT little matter later on.