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Wednesday, when, huh, what day?

Morning ALL! Welcome to Life at Ward's. I hope that this morning finds you all well and not suffering from any sort of flu (I shall have to contact my brother at some point and get the skinny on the swine flu pandemic from a virologists perspective. This is always interesting because any problem like this in the past SARS, bird flu etc, have either been "nothing to worry about" or "possibly the end of the world"). So what's been occuring in my fun-packed, fast-paced, on-the-razors-edge life? Well my missus went out yesterday and bought Wii Fit with her birthday money. So upon my return to the nest last evening I found her and urchin #1 performing the different excercises. "Okay", I said "Let me have a go!" "You've got to create a character first" They said. So I stood on the thing and it weighed me and it worked out my BMI and all that malarkey and that was when we found out that the infernal contraption was broken. You see, and a lot of you will laugh when you hear this, the silly thing said that I was... oh this is funny, it claimed I was... it's SO SILLY! Oh dear, it SAID I was OBESE!!!!! :-) :-) LOL, LMAO, PMSL, ROFL. Needless to say it's going back to the shop for a full refund. The excercises are actually quite good though. Especially the yoga which hurts like a mo........... What about catering equipment? What about refrigeration? What about sundries? What about jolly old commercial catering stuff as a rolly jolly whole? Well yesterday I had to sit and watch a bunch of powerpoint presentations on the environmentally friendly, economical-to-run Foster fridges. This was... dull. Also a chap from Gram came in and I think I'll be putting some of their stuff on the website as well. So it's... ready? It's a fridgetastic sort of a week. What?