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When, huh, what day?

It's Wednesday, it's November, it's the 4th, it'll soon be ruddy Christmas! What will people be buying from Ward's for the festive season? Bains Marie for gravy? P6BO 6 Burner Oven Ranges for Turkey and other roasted substances? Pans? Oven Gloves? Carving Knives? All of these things we sell at the lowest possible prices.

Of course, every now and then one of our competitors will undercut us, like a dirty footballer taking our legs out in the penalty area while the referee's back is turned. Hopefully our valued repeat customers will call us and ask us to match these prices (it's safe to say that if someone has undercut us they are either selling off surplus, have forgotten to increase their prices for 12 months or are just horrible people scrabbling in the dirt for pennies. N.B. this probably isn't true).

So we're all looking forward to a productive festive season here at Ward's (actually I am looking forward to opening presents, eating roast dinners, drinking good scotch and relaxing without a baby on my lap for the occasional half hour, I couldn't care less about productivity).