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Privacy Policy


The Data Protection Act 1988 regulates the processing of information relating to individuals, this includes the obtaining, holding, using or disclosing of such information, and covers computerised records as well as manual filing systems.
Wardscatering will hold the minimum personal information necessary to enable it to perform its function. All such information is confidential and will be treated with care to comply with the law.

Summary of Principles

Data users must comply with the Data Protection principles of good practice which underpin the Act. These state that personal data shall:
1. Be obtained and processed fairly and lawfully (that the subject of the data has consented to its collection and use).
2. Be held only for specified purposes.
3. Be adequate, relevant but not excessive.
4. Be accurate and kept up to date.
5. Be held for no longer than necessary.
6. Be accessible for data subjects.
7. Be subject to the appropriate security measures.
8. Not be transferred to outside the EEA (European Economic Area, which includes the EU member states).

How we handle Customer personal information

Wardscatering respects the privacy of its customers and aims to act consistently with the Data Protection Act 1998. Wardscatering will hold and use data contained on it’s customers for administrative purposes, to keep customers informed of activities, and to offer goods and services provided by the Company.
Personal information collected is available only to Wardscatering and not for direct access by a third party.

Collection of personal information

Wardscatering collects personal information directly from it’s customers when they:
• Deal with Wardscatering in person, by telephone, letter, fax or email 
• Make an enquiry via our website

Why we collect information

We collect customer personal information to enable us to provide various products and services in accordance with customer requirements.

What we collect

• Business Name, Address, together with contact name and numbers
• Credit details for Account Set Up 
• Credit Card Details for immediate payment (credit card security data is only stored temporarily until the order is processed, it is then destroyed so it is not legible)
• Customer drawings, specifications, samples etc.

Use and disclosure

Wardscatering's policy is not to disclose any personal information that we hold on our customers unless express consent has been received or where required by law.


Wardscatering uses all reasonable efforts to ensure Personal Information provided by our customers is held securely. This is defined within our Quality Procedure processes.