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3 Sleeps 'til Christmas

Welcome again dear reader/s of Life at Ward's. We all hope you had a stress-free weekend. I had a nice time driving to Northumberland, eating and driving back the next day (all for the purposes of present swapping). This was actually the first time I had driven on marginally unfamiliar roads for a prolonged period. I had no problems on the way up (despite my better half's announcement that she couldn't read maps and that one of the pages required was missing from the road atlas). Coming back down the A1 I decided to head for Thirsk then Helmsley then across to Scarborough. Unforunately the-powers-that-be deemed it unacceptable for us to go up Sutton Bank and sent us on a detour through some alternate universe. 20 miles of winding hilly roads later all driven in pitch darkness and we came upon a mystery village. Then I MADE A DECISION to leave the diversion and use my almost superhuman sense of direction to find us a quicker way home. This ended up causing 2 things: 1: A row 2: Me driving an extra 80 miles... Good decision. I had to catch the train to work this morning, which I have not done for ages. Unfortunately Transpennine Express have changed the departure time of the train to 9 minutes earlier than it used to be. I arrived exactly 8 minutes early for the old time (enough time to buy coffee and smoke a bine before bording) making me 1 minute late. Annoying. "Yes, yes that's all very good you wittering imbecile BUT what's occured over the weekend in the world of Catering Equipment?" I hear you scream in frustration. Well we've sold, among other stuff: A Parry Electric Single Fryer A Parry Bain Marie Some Bacterial Cleaner and Disposable Gloves A Short Sleeved Chefs Jacket and some Trousers More tomorrow.