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359 sleeps til Christmas

Yeah, I didn't post over Christmas... so what? What're you going to do about it? You and whose army? I forgot to email the link home. So? And? Sorry. So dear Life at Ward's readers how was your Christmas? Excellent. And your New Year? Jolly good. What did I do? Well Let me tell you! I went hither and yon eating other people's food and collecting presents. Please find a list of presents below. 32inch LCD TV 19inch LCD Monitor 1 x DVD 2 x Books 1 x PC Game (COD5) N x Chocolate 3 x Model Kits 1 x Toolbox Excellent haul this year as you can see. But what has happened over Christmas in the world of Catering Equipment? I hear you holler. Well, I don't know, I've been off. However the arrival of 2009 heralds the arrival of PRICE CHANGE MANIA! Today has seen our prices for Lincat products change. Tomorrow will see Parry's prices change. This is a total pain in the proverbial. It takes a long long time and my eyes hurt after 8 hours of staring at little columns of numbers. However not everything has increased in price some things have in fact dropped. Don't ask me why. More tomorrow,