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A change is as good as a rest.

Mr H in charge of the Life at Ward's today. Mr N has gone to the shop and has foolishly left his blog un-attended. Unfortunately, that means that I am sat at his desk next to his ever over-flowing bin and his tramp like collection of half finished coffee mugs. Que sera, I shall make the most of an un-tidy lot. We here at Wards Catering are a little bit like a big family. I clarify this by saying that after Mr N did his impression of an errant rally driver on Thursday morning my phone was red hot with calls from fellow members of our clan enquiring after his well being. A side point of the calls was also to ensure that pictures and video footage was taken by myself for when the shock had worn off, injuries have healed and we can start our favourite past time of ridiculing a fellow ward-ite! I can assure you that this has been done in full! In the world of commercial catering equipment business is remarkably brisk with sales of oven ranges, vacuum packers and dishwashing systems being the fastest moving products this week. Mr G is having an extremely busy time. Scheme work is an area of our business which requires a large amount of patience and a vast amount of experience and expertise. Mr G, having been in the catering equipment business since his infancy during the reign of Queen Victoria, has both in abundance. His many, many, many years as a commercial refrigeration engineer allowed him a fascinating insight into commercial catering equipment, entry into many kitchens and also access to a large supply of free meals and un-imaginable quantities of free beverages. An interesting sidepoint is that his grandfather, who must have been born around the time of King George III, was one of the first purveyors of cold rooms and refrigeration in the Yorkshire area. We currently have scheme's planned for Hartlepool, York, Bridlington, Helmsley and Filey. Mr G certainly clocks up the miles offering his own brand of unbeatable customer service. Our readers will be delighted to know that he does these said miles in an eco friendly 1098cc Austin Healey Sprite which, due to its lack of a roof and diminutive size cuts, through the wind like a knife through hot butter, the only resistance being Mr G's resplendent mane of fluffy silver hair, which remarkably never loses its just-out-of-the-salon appearance. Rumours of it being a wig have been investigated and quashed. I shall now sign off and once again return you to Mr N.