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A day in the life of......Mr C

Good day to you Life at Wards readers, Here is a day walking in my shoes so to speak...

I awaken at about 5.00am, this is not due to any breed of alarm clock, frustratingly this is the time my mind says lets think about Oven Ranges or Fryers or Multi Decks or things I haven't done the day before. After about 60 quite frankly fruitless minutes I get out of bed and head to the ablution room. I then like to have a light breakfast. Now Mr G may be able to consume Cornflakes with half a bag of sugar and blue top milk everyday but being on the, shall we say, portly side I have a Yoghurt, vitamin tablet and a large mug of black coffee. Breakfast consumed I head out of the door for my morning commute to work.

York's A1237 outer ring road is a marvel of the modern world. People actually designed a multi million pound project without checking to see if it would work. It doesn't. An average commute one day can be 15 minutes, the next 50. A nano second later leaving the house can make you miserable for the rest of the day.

Commute complete I open the doors to the resplendent 21st century home of Wardscatering. I like to get into work about 1 hour before everyone else. This gives me time to check what everyone else is doing, cover up any glaring errors I have made and also go through people's desks to check for half eaten packets of biscuits etc. (Thank you Mr N). It also gives me the chance to say when colleagues complain about the traffic 'It was fine when I came, but you'll have still been in bed'. It gives me a sense of superiority. Also a blatant lie if you refer to the previous paragraph.

As colleagues start to arrive in dribs and drabs we make pleasant little small talk about each others well being before the age old sentence is muttered 'What's on today then?' Blank looks are exchanged whilst we await the arrival of Mr G, which can be anytime between on time and 20 minutes late depending on how many times he has to stop to put water in the engine of that contraption of his. With Mr G arrived, the day planned out and further coffee drank we get down to the serious business of selling our huge range of top class catering equipment.

Everyone has their own specialities in the office, Mr N loves a good Pizza Oven sale, Mr R the Combi Oven's, Mr G give him Fridges 3 times a day everyday and he's a happy man, I however am without a speciality. I am just special. I like to think of myself as the Sir Ian Botham of the office, top of both the batting and bowling averages (in a catering equipment sense) I like to impart little snippets of usually incorrect knowledge to anyone who will listen and if they aren't, I jolly well carry on until they do!

Mid morning the sandwich van arrives and the 33 metre dash begins. Due to my very light breakfast and my, shall we say, heavyish build I have to once again buy something with sugar in to stop my passing out. I keep fooling myself that this shall not continue and my quest to reduce said girth will be back on track tommorow. We all know it's not the case. We have a saying here at Ward's which goes something along these lines 'I wish we had more time to get into that showroom'. It's a bit like a mirror image of me really, upwards 5,000 square feet of showroom space which requires carefull replenishment, love and attention at all time but unfortunately can be a little bit messy and not great to look at from time to time. As I keep saying to anyone who will listen, the showroom will be spotless when we are quiet and hopefully this shall be never.

Its an exciting part of the day when our tireless delivery drivers return to base with tales of flights of stairs, crooked steps and viscious guard dogs with gun toting handlers. It makes one feel rather sad knowing they will never feel the rush of endorphins that comes with a completed order for a 6 Slot Toaster or a cheeky little Bain Marie.

The day ends with a dissapointed shrug that it will be a few hours before I can once again feel that same rush but also with a sense of satisfaction that people will be able to consume hot toast tommorow due to my endeavors!

Have a good weekend.