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All Cuppone!

We love Cuppone pizza ovens. They're reliable, inexpensive and always produce professional results, whether your cooking your pizzas in pans or in the traditional stone-baked Italian-style. That's why we've added the slightly more expensive Tintoretto range of ovens to the website.

The TNT3 and TNT6 ovens can be stacked up to 3 high and have large capacities for bigger pizza-making operations.

In order to explain the capacities of these different units we have produced the following video. When deciding which pizza oven to buy for your business it is vital to calculate the size of the pizzas you wish to cook and how many you will need to bake at once. This will then give you the relevant pizza oven size, you can then choose from manual or digital controls and add stands and extraction hoods if required. Please bare in mind that the power ratings for these units obviously increase the larger they are and the more decks you have. If in doubt contact your electrician to establish how much power you have available before ordering.

For advice on any of the Cuppone pizza equipment please call Ward's Catering on 0800 026 0223 or email us at [email protected]