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All Hail the KING! (Edward potato ovens)

Ward's Catering are proud to present King Edward's range of potato cooking equipment

This is officially my favourite time of the year. You can keep your summer with it's strawberries and cream and it's sunshine and barbeques. That doesn't impress me. (Don't even get me started on spring!)

No, autumn is where it's at. The nights draw in, the leaves turn beautIful hues and then fall into big kicky piles and then there's Halloween and Bonfire night, (I like scaring kids and starting fires, so they're good). You can take your favourite jacket out of the cupboard for the cold winter ahead (and here's my segue... ready... here goes) and if you like jackets... how about some lovely baked potatoes?(see? brilliant!).

King Edward have been around for a long time making professional commercial potato bakers and assorted accessories. We have listed a few of their units on our website since our website was a website. However, I recently added the whole range of potato ovens, bains marie (which, I believe, is the correct plural for bain maries), chilled servers and display cabinets and I have made sure that we were competitively priced.

So now, you can think about starting that little outside catering operation in order to capitalize on all the Christmas shoppers. What better with which to compete against that Bratwurst wagon, or that soup trolley or that chestnut vendor than a really professional, traditional looking, baked potato operation. Spicy chilli, baked beans, cheese, coleslaw, the filling options are endless (and cheap). Why not go nuts and shove a soup kettle on the counter as well?

I can picture the scene, almost Dickensian in nature; a misty, cold street with fine dry snow just starting to fall, the orange glow of the illuminated holding display of your King Edward potato oven highlights the ruddy cheeks of a passing child who asks their mother, who is laden with presents, "Please mummy, please may I have one of the lovely baked potatoes?". Who could resist such an innocent request? Why, a baked potato would be more healthy than a burger (or that filthy Bratwurst wagon). Cha CHING! You've just sold a potato, filling and soup with a very healthy markup. Worth standing outside in the cold for a couple of months? THESE BABIES WILL PAY FOR THEMSELVES IN NO TIME!