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All Quiet on the Catering Equipment Front

It's been a long morning. Few phone calls, fewer sales. I have honestly not sold anything since the bottle cooler earler in the day (unless you include some sundries). Is the economic downturn finally hitting home here at Ward's Catering? Is the Credit Crunch crunching it's way through our customers customers? If you don't go out to eat and drink then the restaurants and pubs don't need catering equipment, which means that they won't call us. Selfish.

I have just sold some dishwasher liquid and rinseaid. Thrilling. What happened? 4 weeks ago we were quoting for medical fridges, serve overs, entire kitchens and winebars. Now it's as if there's no one out there who needs to cook or serve food, keep it warm, keep it cold or keep it frozen. Oh sure we've got some big jobs on.

Serve Over counters and the like for coffee shops and such. But no little jobs I can get my teeth into. A P6BO here a BS4W there. Hopefully it'll pick up later in the week.