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And on and on

One tricky thing about writing Life at Ward's the Ward's Catering blog is that selling catering and refrigerated equipment can get pretty dull at times. Unless you're Mr G who finds every day to be like New Year's Eve, Christmas and The Day of the Triffids all rolled into one.

Today has been a slow day. I have sold nothing personally (although I have sent a pro forma for a Bravilor Airpot). Quiet days make everyone uneasy, or at least they make me uneasy. Is this the beginning of the effects of the economic slump? Barclays are back to business almost as usual according to Radio 4 this morning (partly thanks to the Great British Taxpayer according to your opinion apparently).

I am sure that later in the week we'll sell a lot more equipment. I have done a quote for a winebar in Buckinghamshire but I am not confident that I will ever hear back from said winebar. I have also heard nothing from the African 5-Star Hotel I quoted for. Who ever thought it'd difficult to sell Lincat Opus at knock down prices?