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And on and on

And then there's school... Mr C can back me up here since we both attended the same Comprehensive. Our schooldays were much like anyone elses. Truancy, vandalism, torture, intimidation, theft, arson, violence all of these were our daily bread. Most of all though, humour, laughter, fun, thrills and danger. In those days teachers could still be scary authority figures and our parents certainley were. In those days swearing at a teacher was only done in the most extreme circumstances and punching a teacher was only acceptable when they were obviously behaving like a nonce and you were acting in self defence. We did however confuse and ridicule our teachers. Physical mutations and deformaties along with speech impediments and unusual habits were all ammunition. Sneaking, planning, opportunism, cunning and lies were our weapons. Damage to school property was never seen as a crime, a teacher being reduced to tears was a victory. Being sent out of class was a bonus and being sent to the head of year or head of school resulted in butterflies in the stomach sweating palms and, after the ogre had been faced, giddy relief and giggling boasts. To list a catalogue of our exploits would take far too long. Needless to say that none of them, not one single incident involved catering equipment, refrigeration, sundries, the wardscatering website or anything else any possible reader of this blog might be interested in... apart from maybe in home ec...