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And so it goes on.

Buy stock, sell stock, buy stock, sell stock, buy loads of stock... panic... sell loads of stock... smile. That's how it goes here at Ward's Catering. We are catering equipment selling machines! My particular area of expertise is, and I may have mentioned this before, pizza ovens.

I quoted for 2 pizza ovens yesterday along with dough mixers, pizza formers, stick blenders, vegetable preperation machines (Robot Coupe of course), and kebab grills (Archway of course). Hopefully these sales will fly through and it will make a lovely successful ending to the week.

I, personally, have had a very busy week, lots of quoting, lots of chasing about, lots of service enquiries and a few missing shipments. The sales, I hope but have no idea, should reflect this activity. Still no impinger though... the ever slippery impinger sale still eludes me.