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And the hits just keep on coming

Hello everyone and welcome back another belated edition of Life at Ward's. It's been a busy time for me recently. Struck down with illness, then having to attend a funeral (not one of my lot), then having to play catch up on quotes and the like. I quote and I quote and I quote.

"Can I have a quote?" They say. "Sure, I'll quote you, I'll quote you real nice." I respond. I duly quote and then I never hear back... until 16:30 yesterday when one of my better quotes came back home to roost. A quote I spent a lot of time on.

A quote that saw me ringing suppliers and wringing their best prices out of them to maintain the requisite margins. He finally came back and ordered the hell out of it. Pizza Oven, Dough Mixer, Pizza Former, Kebab Grill, Veg Prep Machine and a Stick Blender. AND ALL THE PEOPLE REJOICE... REJOICE... AND ALL THE PEOPLE REJOI OI OI OI OI OI OICE.