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And we're back...

Apologies dear readers of this, the most widely anticipated record of business in the catering equipment trade.

We have had a long period of holidaying staff which has meant that my attention has had to be diverted to more business-oriented matters (selling catering equipment). So what have I been selling? Well, believe it or not, the most interesting enquiry over the past fortnight has not been about catering equipment or refrigeration but rather medical refrigeration. We had two enquiries for mortuary chillers (one 4 door and one 2 door).

The first was from a television company, the second from an undertakers. Nothing has, as yet, come of these enquiries but we are all looking forward to selling our first body chiller. Other items of medical refrigeration we sell are pharmaceutical fridges and drawer chillers, blood refrigerators and drugs cabinets.

This is an area of refrigeration that Mr G, our resident refrigeration expert is less than 100% knowlegable about... but he can bumble through without too many problems. A fridge is a fridge is a fridge as they say.