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Another week another 5 dollars

Morning all and welcome back to another week of Life at Ward's. As you are probably aware by now this blog is the most up-to-date, incisive and, damn it all, entertaining publication concerned with catering equipment and refrigeration sales in the UK available to man.

It's a new week and we're all very excited about the possibilities of selling, repairing and servicing catering equipment for the next 5 days. Already this morning our external delivery and installation experts have loaded two large multideck refrigerated displays onto the big van and have set off for the centre of York.

Our Gas engineer is also on site preparing pipework and the like. Our electrical engineer is busy repairing a dishwasher (faulty warewashing equipment is almost entirely responsible for paying his wages).

I have sold an MG300GCS upright Stainless Steel Right Hand Hinged Bottle Cooler with 2 year parts and labour warranty and extra shelf to be shipped on an overnight delivery. I have also found the price of a jug assembly for a Hamilton Beech HBH450 Bar Blender. The man didn't buy it so I think it was too expensive. This just in! The multidecks won't fit into the site yet. We'll try again tomorrow.