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Another week another dollar

Actually we make more than a dollar a week here at Ward's. Although it can be touch and go in this current economic climate. This morning I have had an enquiry for Robot Coupe R211 Food Processor.

However the chap's card was declined and he has not, as yet, got back to me. I hate that. Fisrtly it means we miss out on a sale (and it's always for nice piece of kit) and secondly it's quite an embarrassing situation.

I have also dealth with a service call on Falcon equipment, delivery questions on Valera equipment and a replacement-of-damaged-goods enquiry for Lincat products. However I haven't actually SOLD anything. Come on people. Pick up the phone and call Ward's. I'll sell you anything you want. I have included on the tags section a list of all the Robot Coupe preparation machines that we sell. Most of these we stock in our wareshouse and can let you have in 3 working days.