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Art Installation

Well it is done. Dear Life at Ward's reader it is done. The coffee shop job in the centre of York is complete (or as near complete as makes no difference). There were issues, oh my dear reader there were issues. There are always issues.

A pipe here, a socket there, a wall in the wrong place and so on. But Mr H and Mr G convoyed out there this morning in their mobiles and they sorted the issues and the problems and everyone is happy as sandboys. So another coffee shop system from Ward's designed and produced by Valera begins operation.

Who do we have to thank for this expansion in coffee shops (and coffee drinks). Frasier? Starbucks? It's a lucrative business for all concerned (I particularly enjoy a coffee shop within a bookshop because I have always loved bookshops and I like coffee-based drinks, especially over-priced ones). What goes into these systems? Fridges, deli counters, patiesserie displays, bottle coolers and of course coffee machines and warewashing equipment. Ward's are all over it!