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Baby got Back

I am returned. I did not blog yesterday because I had an extra day off and I forgot before I went and STILL have no internet access at home. Rubbishness. Hello everyone. Welcome to Life at Wards. Welcome welcome welcome. Did you have a good weekend? Was your BHW all it could be? Mine was a mixed bag. Want to hear about it? Okay then. On Friday I left Ward's at about 17:00 and journeyed to Norton Pool whereupon I had a wonderful swim (pool was quiet and I had a lane to myself). I knocked off 50 lengths and then showered and jumped back in the F1.9TD and travelled back to Scarborough. We then spoke about going away for the weekend and decided the idea was a bad one if we were restricted to the UK (which we were) so we decided to do daytrips. Saturday saw us getting up early and rushing about like blue arsed flies trying to leave the house. When you have 2 kids that means it's a success if you lerave the house in time to stop off for a MacDonald's Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin. Which we did! We drove to Brimham Rocks via Aysgarth Falls, had a massive barney, then had lunch, then I climbed rocks with the eldest. We returned and retired. On Sunday I had decided to take eldest and her cousin to a model railway exhibition in Malton for a geeky morning. Then the other half decided she didn't want to be left out so we all went. Then it turned out that those crazy railway modellers are a little bit... well... thiefs... ?15 for a family ticket to walk round some toys and not play with them? I think not. We then drove to York and took the kids to Creepy Crawlies which is okay. Then I dropped everyone except me and the baby off at the cinema to see the new Tim Burton 3D film. I then drove to grandmother's house in Malton and had a cuppa. Saw my father and tehn went to pick the cinema-goers up. We returned to Scarborough and got a chinese. Then sent the kids to bed and fell asleep. The next morning we again rushed around but didn't beat our preivous record of being on the road by 10:30am. We travelled to Malton again and this time went searching for a plot of land my Dad bought. We found it easily enough and helped peg out the footprint of the new house and also plot the trees and stuff. The we returned to grandmother's for cuppas and then set off home again. Then on Tuesday my mother came to see the new baby and I played on the Wii... good lord what a busy weekend. Northumberland next weekend! None of this, not one word of this has anything to do with catering equipment or commercial refrigeration (display or storage). It has nothing whatsoever to do with sundries or service or anything Ward's Catering related. However that is sort of the point of Bank Holiday weekends.