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Back in the Kitchen

Friday morning. It's a lovely feeling. Planning your weekend, watching the clock tick away the final hours of the working week. I have plenty to be getting on with which is something of a change to the last couple of weeks.

I have to design a little kitchen for a tea shop in Bradford which is a job I will enjoy. It'll be a very simple little kitchen, just a counter fridge, counter freezer, dishwasher, electric range and sink. But I do have to cram all of that into a space about 8 inches by 12. I also have started a list of google search terms that I am going to play about with.

You see it's always very easy to forget that not everyone understands or at least uses the same vernacular as we do. When you work in the catering equipment trade you refer to certain pieces of equipment such as back bar coolers and boiling tops which everyone else calls bar fridges and hobs. Therefore people might not find us as easily as they could because we do not promote such search terms.

Also the type of business asking for a certain piece of equipment may well have an effect on the terminology they use. A fish and chip shop may well refer to a fryer as a fish fryer. A pub may call it a deep fat fryer. A cafe may refer to it as a chip fryer. Many many different possibilities.