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Hello all and welcome to another edition of Life at Ward's. I was off on Thursday and Friday last week due to illness. A cold. The whole Mr T clan was struck down with it and we were forced to sleep in shifts looking after baby boy T during our waking periods. So I missed all the excitement of the end of last week.

To be honest I don't even know if there was any excitement. The catering equipment sales game is generally devoid of excitement. The occasional engineer leaping out of an empty fridge box at you in the warehouse. The rare occasions when we all stand with our hands clamped over our eyes as a pallet of crockery is lowered into the back of one of our delivery vans and we watch through our fingers as the rear springs compress to dangerous levels (then we remove the pallet, break it down and spread the weight more sensibly).

The office, which I helped tidy last week, is still tidy (amazingly). I expected refrigeration catalogues and dealers price lists spread all over the carpet again. Looks like it was a quite couple of days.