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Back to Back to Skool

Well it's Ssssssaturday (to quote the brilliant Gareth). That means that we are not directly involved in the sale of catering equipment, commercial refrigeration, catering sundries, medical refrigeration or the service, repair or sale of spares for any of the above. No, we're all weekending. There may be barbeques involved, there may be pubs, beer gardens, picnincs, hiking, murdering... no... not murdering, DIY.

I will personally be buying shorts and tee shirts and things like that so that I have some summer clothes to wear in Turkey. If anyone knows of anywhere from which I can buy cheap, light, short-sleeved cotton shirts let me know. Went to Aldi yesterday (parked there when I went to doctors and I can never resist poking around).

Bought a pair of polarising shades ( £3.99) a small rucksack ( £7.99) 2 x eurpoean plug adaptors ( £1.99 each) and a travel kettle (for baby feeds) ( £6.99). Stuff doesn't come much cheaper. As is now the tradition of a weekend let's have a story from the past. Let me think... let me think. There was a class that Mr C and I were in (I think it was History or Sociology or something) and we used to play a joke on the teacher almost every lesson. (This is one of those charming Just William style pranks rather than Mr C's Hitleresque evil ones). We would go into the lesson and sit down as normal (at opposite sides of the room because we were always split up).

Then after the teacher had had reason to talk to us (usually telling us to shut up, sit down, stop throwing stuff, stop hitting someone or something, usually after about 30 seconds) we would wait for her attention to become engaged by something on her desk and we would then swap seats. The the next time we caused the teacher to look up and tell us off she would be looking at the wrong one of us. Brief moment of confusion, then a slight shrug and she'd carry on. Then we'd swap back, or sometimes swap with someone else in the class. It. Was. Hilarious! We were so mad! Aren't we brilliant? Ahhhhhhh.