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Back to the Grind

Yo! Sup! Homeboys and Homeladies. I am back in da hood (the neighbourhood). I had a very nice weekend thanks to Jesus our Lord and Saviour dying and leaving us all two bank holidays (don't worry kids, as previously stated in this blogathon he didn't really die, he was just pretending to beat the Romans). So... 4-day weekend... I went away... you suckers know what that means! Holiday debrief. We departed from Wardsingtons at approximately 17:20 on Thursday and drove south west stopping for a MacDonalds and LPG (I left the LPG cap on the Vectra spoiler... doh!). I took over the driving and we headed for Badgers, arriving at about 23:00 or something innit. We were given tea and coffee and stayed up late catching up. Then we went to bed and I slept the sleep of the dead. The next morning I got up with the boy and sat in the conservatory awaiting the rising of others. It was decided that myself, myself's better half, myself's offspring and myself's better half's offspring would go into Bath (since of that group only myself had seen it). So off we went to Chippenham railway station and paid a BLOODY FORTUNE to park the Vectra before hauling the pram up the BLOODY STAIRS AND OVER THE BLOODY BRIDGE because Chippenham station has no disabled or pram access (or it does but you need to ask a uniformed chap to open a gate at the very far end of the platform so you can push the pram across the tracks or something innit?) We boarded an Intercity 125 HST to Bath Spa. What the hellington has any of this boring ROT got to do with BLOODY CATERING EQUIPMENT? You shout. Well, very very very little. Nothing in fact. Less than nothing. However I can say fryer... I can say utensils, I could even say double door bottle cooler and then, just by saying those things, we have moved from the inside of a High Speed Train in Wiltshire back to the world of professional catering equipment and refrigeration... I may have nothing to say about these items BUT we did talk about them.