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Bad Day

It's Thursday morning at the start of September and I am in a new very cheap suit. I am leaving work for a short time in an hour to attend the funeral of the relative of another member of the Ward's Catering team.

A sad day. However nothing stops the sale of catering equipment and refrigeration and there'll be plenty of people holding down the fort without us. I have had a couple of long-forgotten quotes come back like prodigal children over the last week.

One for a massive electric single deck corner Pizza Oven (LLKEVO1/ELE) as well as a Pizza Preperation Counter and a big Double Bowl Double Drainer Sink. I have also had another quote come back for a pub which we are in the process of shipping at the moment.

The pallet stands in the warehouse wrapped in black plastic, taller than a man like the black monolith that taught the apes to use tools in the Dawn of Man sequence of 2001.