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Barbeque Season

The heatwave continues here in York, home of Ward's Catering, and all over the rest of the United Kingdom.

This is both a curse and a blessing. It's a curse because our office is almost unbearably hot and a blessing because it means we sell more refrigeration and exterior catering equipment. I have already mentioned the increased interest in manual fill gas water boilers, however the most obvious alfresco catering equipment is, of course, the barbeque! As I wrote that last sentence we sold a Cinders Barbeque!

We have 4 sizes of barbeque available; The Cavalier, The Clubman, The Caterer and The Hotelier. The have collapsable stands and are all powered by gas (I personally believe that THAT is a chargrill and that a barbeque should use charcoal but then again I am a purist). We have sold these units to schools, girl guide troops, village halls, pubs and hotels and I have NEVER had to report a fault. Having said that they won't get anywhere near as much use as, say, a tabletop electric double fryer in a pizza shop.

LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) powered products are all the rage in the sunny summer months and we have a wide range available. So whether your a mobile catering operation, a burger van or a posh hotel wanting to barbeque planked salmon on the sun deck we'll have the equipment for you.