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The next day we had a nice quiet day in, my bro came down from London to see his nephew for the first time and we went to Pizza Hut. Then on Sunday we spent another quiet day doing very little. My Dad gave me two tickets to the Thermae Bath Spa (which were previously bought for someone else from someone else) and I therefore had to chase around like a blue-arsed fly looking for a pair of swimming shorts (the Mrs had bought a new cossie in Bath). Easter Sunday... where do you buy swimming shorts? The local swimming baths! We left urchins with grandparents and drove back to Bath. There we parked and queued for half an hour waiting to get into the Spa. We shared a miniscule changing room (not easy when you're my girth) and then deposited clothes in futuristic auto-lockers... Let's leave it there for today. Let's talk about catering equipment shall we? Shall we rap about refrigeration? Shall we sing about sundries? Shall we shout about... shiny shiny dishwashers? What has occured on Well the new Rational Combination Oven Section is in it's Alpha stage. That is all.