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Bathtime 2: The Empire Strikes Bath

We made straight for the rooftop pool and the air temperature was so frigid we did not hesitate to jump in. The water was warm, the air was cool, the views were... not spectacular but certainley better than the view from most swimming pools. We then went to the steam chambers. This floor is like a scene from some cyberpunk film. Four glass chambers, one in each corner of the room, are filled with superheated aromatic steam and a giant shower head pours water into the middle of the room. Around the edges are footbaths. I didn't really like this because I find steam rooms annoying. The steam doesn't clear my chest it merely makes it difficult to breathe and I also don't like to think of the water that pools on floors and benches containing other people's sweat. Dirty. But the room was impressive. Then we went to the main pool in the basement. This was full of people just sitting around (as was the rooftop pool). We floated about, stood under pummelling shower heads, were carried around a slow moving rapids bit and generally earwigged on other peoples conversations whilst making fun of them. All good fun and very relaxing. We then went upstairs to the restaurant and after a brief wait to be seated and a further wait to order we tucked into a sort of a roman Platter. Olives, cheeses, tomatos, breads and pestos all complimented each other with one jarring British inclusion of pickled onions. We then went back up to the rooftop pool for another languish before returning to the changing cubiclette (even more cramped when trying to dress AFTER swimming) and leaving (not taking robes, towels and slippers). A very pleasant and relaxing experience. I can imagine in the days of the Roman Empire the public baths must have been very interesting places. Treason and murder and all manner of political tomfoolery must have been planned and even carried out in those venues. However the Thermae is not such a place... having said that we weren't allowed into any of the treatment rooms... who knows what is negotiated in those chambers? Now then... it is possible... just possible that the above missive has very little or even nothing whatsoever to do with catering equipment. So, in order that this binary log, which is widely regarded as the most useful, up-to-date and informative guide to commercial catering equipment and refrigeration on the electrical information super web, remains "on-message" we should talk about catering equipment or fridges or somefink innit? Fridges are cool Griddles are hot Some fryers are gas Others are not! Job done.