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Bathtime 3: Return from the Bath

So we returned from the Spa relaxed and rested. After about 30 seconds my stress levels began to rise and are now, of course back to their usual mid-level. We drove back from the West Country on Monday and when I stopped to fuel up I left the spare LPG cap on the spoiler and drove off... DOH! So now I have to find an LPG cap. Annoying. Upon our return we were delighted to find all our house contents where we had left them and we had an early night. This could be my last visit to that part of the world for a bit, since the people I visit there are moving about 30 miles from my current seating position. I shall sort of miss having contacts in that part of the world... there's always the Squadron Leader in RAF Lyneham but I can;t really stay there for a weekend can I? Don't know where the next jaunt will be to or when it will be. Thank Christ you all sigh. "Catering Equipment! Catering Equipment! BLOODY CATERING EQUIPMENT! Talk about catering equipment or I will hunt you down and assassinate you!" You scream. Well what's been occuring in the world of catering equipment? I am about to start on ANOTHER AHT price change. Can't those crazy cats make up their minds? No... no they can't.