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Better late than never

I have been negligent, I have neglected my sworn duty as Ward's blogger. For this I am truly sorry. It's been a hectic week here are Wardsingtons. Mr C was off on his jollys on Monday and Tuesday (he went to see the Killers in Man-chest-ah) and Mr R and I had to hold to down the fort (Mr G went off on site visits). The phones? They rung, they rung REAL NICE. We sold catering equipment, we sold refrigeration and we sold sundries. We sold these things like mofos! Problems came in (where's my such and such? My so and so is broken!) and we dealt with them deftly before moving on to the next thing. THAT IS HOW WE AT WARD'S CATERING ROLL! So other than manning the phones what else have I been doing? Very little, I have changed a few Parry prices, changed a few Archway prices and tidied a few things up. The Great Oracle from Infotex has chicken pox... weirdly, so progress has stopped on new website sections. Mr G has been in an almost permenantly bad mood for the last week and I have almost given up trying to interact with him since the simplest questions result in a vicious torrent of abuse. It may help if I stopped accusing him of taking mini breaks every time he goes on a site visit BUT I DON'T SEE WHY I SHOULD!