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Sup my brothers? Welcome to a special Saturday edition of Life at Ward's. Psssst it's really Friday and I am speaking from the past! This week in catering equipment: Mr C has sold some refrigeration to Northern Ireland I sold a Blue Seal GE576 Dual Fuel Solid Top Range Mr R has sold £14,000 worth of catering equipment and refrigeration Mr G has bought a new base for the floor of his new old mini moke.

Bruddy thrilling. So what shall we talk about this fine May B.H.W. Saturday morn? Well after re-reading my last Skool Daze post I realised that it sounded very mischievious and Just William-esque. We were not always such charmingly cheeky lads.

Sometimes we were downright cruel and horrible. For example there was the time when our poor Home Economics teacher proudly announced that we had been given three new sewing machines and that these machines were incredibly expensive and that we must treat them carefully because that mostly forgotten department didn't have much of a budget and therefore if anything happened to the machines they wouldn't get replaced.

I immediately pushed one off the wall bench and straight out of a 3rd storey window to shatter into a million pieces all over the playground below. "Miss," said I, "One of the new sewing machines just fell out of the window!" "Oh my," said she looking forlorn, "How on earth did that happen?" Then one of my fellow students found a hatch on top of one of the other machines that revealed the inner workings. When he stamped on the accelerator pedal thingumy these workings pumped up and down furiously.

He discovered that the forced introduction of a pencil into these workings when there were in this state of operation resulted in both pencil and machine being instantaneously destroyed. 1 lesson, 2 machines, job done.