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Tuesdays are funny days at Ward's Catering. Sometimes insanely busy, sometimes quiet as the grave. It is something of a relief therefore if you answer an interesting sales call. For example I had a chap on the phone earlier who wanted 6 feet of gas griddle.

That is a griddle large enough to cook me on. I could happily lay on top of such a piece of equipment and, providing you turned me often enough, you could fry me off to a lovely dark brown and eat me. Naturally I recommended Blue Seal, they are the best Gas Equipment manufacturers we use day to day and I therefore instantly rang them to check their stock.

This is where it falls down. Our friendly Blue Seal rep had to go ferretting about in the warehouse to find enough bits of kit to manufacture 2 x 900mm gas griddles with cabinet bases. This he duly did. Now I can't get hold of the customer! Infuriating in the extreme.

These things test a Ward's salesman to his limit. I shall take out my frustrations on the range later (golf range, not 6 burner oven range).