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Boiler Pressure

Welcome all to another edition of the newly improved Life at Ward's. As previously mentioned the blog must now be more relevant to the catering industry and must be nothing whatsoever to do with any of the extraneous rubbish we have previously published.

Water Boilers; manual fill, automatic fill, gas, electric, wall-mounted or table-standing, we here at sell them all. However at the moment we are suffering from a shortage of Burco Standard 20 manual fill table top 20ltr gas boilers. The summer months always see a run on manual fill water boilers both gas and electric.

Scout troops and other outdoor organisations often need to replace their mobile water boilers if elements have burnt out or limescale built has rendered them useless. Our range of Burco gas boilers are perfect for such organisations and the very name Burco has bec

ome synonomous with water boilers as hoover once did for vacuum cleaners. However we are also very impressed with the Instanta and Lincat autofill water boilers. When I first started in the catering equipment industry a water boiler was just a metal vessel with a tap and a heating element.

However now, only a couple of years later, the average water boiler would not look out of place in the most modern kitchen. They have LCD displays and lights and everything. Very Posh. However if it's gas you want, mobile you want, manual fill you want, non-variable heat control you want and 20ltrs you want... you'll have to wait a bit. We do however have Deluxe 20's in which are only slighty more expensive and do the same job, just a bit better.