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BT... B... Wee more like!

BT are rubbish. I rang up on Tuesday night and reported that my phone wouldn't accept incoming calls, a really nice chap said he'd get it sorted for close of business Wednesday. Of course that didn't happen, I didn't expect it to.

Wednesday evening I rang again and was then not called back as promised, so I called back and then they called back and it finally ended up with a supervisor apologising for their appalling service and promising that my phone line would be fixed by Thursday morning... of course that didn't happen, I didn't expect it to.

I rang again today and after several phone calls (get this; BT151 telephone repair have several offices, all over the world and they all use the same phone number. It is IMPOSSIBLE to contact the office you were speaking to previously unless you're extremely lucky and your call is randomly routed there!) I found out that no one has a single clue as to what is wrong with my phone line and can not give me a timescale on when it's going to be fixed! 10/10 for honesty -1,000,000,000/10 for competence.

THIS IS SOMETHING THAT WON'T HAPPEN AT WARD'S CATERING! When we are faced with problems we get OFF OUR ASSES AND SORT THEM OUT!!! We are the ultimate ass-getter-offer-problem-sorter-outers. Don't let Mr R catch people not getting off their asses when they should be getting off their asses. We do not do our jobs by not getting off our asses when ass-getting-off is called for. That is NOT the way we sell catering equipment, commerical refrigeration, medical refrigeration or catering sundries.